• moscatelli 23w

    Pretty Girl

    Such a pretty girl
    Sitting at the end of the table
    She’s not of my world
    Trying to find the words but I’m not able

    Well what the hell
    Buy her a drink
    Lost in her spell
    What do you think?

    Would you chance your night on me?
    We both know it’s now or never
    We know all this can be
    We don’t need forever

    A perfect storm
    The stranger and this pretty girl
    He says “it is what it is, and it isn’t what it isn’t”
    Just tonight, could be exactly what we needed

    Just take my hand
    Take a dive, enjoy the fall
    Doesn’t matter where we land
    Our beginning was our end after all

    And I can’t forget the way it felt
    Lying with you so intertwined
    My fingers running through your hair
    My heart beat rising when your hand found mine

    A perfect storm
    This pretty girl and her stranger
    She says “things happen for a reason”
    And I think “this was exactly what I needed"

    I can’t count the stars tonight
    Hidden behind a gun smoke dye
    The only thing alight
    The amber moon piercing the night sky

    Just like all I see Is your face when I close my eyes

    Thankful just to know her
    Even if I might miss her, I will
    It has to be better than
    Not knowing her still

    And it ends much like it started
    This pretty girl, sitting on the other side of a table
    She’s not of this world
    I found the words but I’m not able

    To describe how she changed my world
    Changed it for the better
    And no matter what happens next
    I’ll never forget her

    Now it’s time to say farewell
    But I don’t believe in good bye
    Still lost in her spell
    Another amber moon rises in the sky

    Just a pretty girl
    And her stranger
    Our first kiss
    Was our last kiss

    It’s something I’ll always remember