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    Such a revolution of life, emotions, love triangle, corruptions, ambitions and a lot more! The best thing about reading a novel is to feel, know, and assess yourself through its multiple characters.. They ain't characters by the way! They are emotions just the same way Ganga ain't a river but an emotion! Such a great experience that words provide, where you find the outside world more of a virtual kind! And you live the words every hour, every minute, every second, and may be every micro, nano whatever, second!! Its the power of words that penetrate into your soul unconditionally making a visible revolution in you! This is the best I've ever read where I could relate different character traits of its protagonists.. Since we know we ain't perfect but we may try being perfect that may ultimately drag us to legends! And there's so much about life we may or may not notice, may notice but pay no attention and every time, our kind of 'notice' make differnces in life. It's not only about the good or bad, right or wrong analysis, but about the choices you make in your entire life.

    A man (Gopal Mishra) who born poor, motherless, and considered himself a failure before his JEE cracker childhood friend (Raghav Kashyap), who after the death of his diseased father all of a sudden becoming a rich one (director of a private college - Ganga Tech which he erected at his family property farmland that was rezoned with VNN approval through unhealthy means) with the help of a disgraced political leader (Raman Lal Shukla - also one among the Ganga Tech trustees, who is ill-famed due to his unproved involvement in misappropriation of government funds that was supposed to be used in the Ganga Action Plan), whom he believes to be his mentor, respecting and considering him as a father figure! Little did he know that a sudden switch from a life of popper would deteriorate his morals and ethics!

    His 'rich by birth', geeky, studious friend Raghav whom the former is envy of (because apart from being a JEE cracker and good looking the latter took his girl, his best friend and love - 'Aarti') on the other hand lost his job following his passion of becoming a revolutionist-journalist leaving behind his engineering career that could have earned him a lot! Raghav wanted to change the world, wanted to free his country from corruption and malpractices. He is a straight forward kind of man, thrown out of his reporting job at Dainik Jagran, a leading daily in North India (Utterly by the order of Shukla ji, as Raghav dared to put an article in the editors column questioning whether the Ganga Tech College was constructed out of the accused corruption money and if MLA Shukla was trying to clean away his sins against Ganga by opening the said college. This article created a rift between Gopal and Raghav as the latter tried to connect the 3 year old Ganga Action Plan Scam with the former's college which was to be inagurated on the same day when the news was published). Apart from not revealing Gopal his intentions of interviewing the latter for the article, after all being his childhood friend, Raghav is undoubtedly a good human being. Perhaps his betrayal to his friend is justified as he had the guts to trouble his friendship for the "Triumph of Truth", for a good cause - a revolution in his sense!. Despite being thrown out of work alleging that the talented reporter lacked evidence in his article, Raghav worked day and night to collect evidence that was supposed to be printed on his own paper "Revolution 2020". He put no stones unturned to have his revenge on Shukla ji. The first circulation of Revolution 2020 in the home (Being a fresh venture, Revolution 2020 was to be published only in Varanasi - the place where the story takes place.) created a storm. His article had a high impact that the CM asked MLA Shukla to resign. Eventually, Shukla ji surrendered himself and sent to jail in order earn some sympathy from mass!.

    Before his surrender he handed over his Mercedes to Gopal as he loved the latter like his son. Gopal is however well deserved to have a big car as a reward for his struggles in life. Till his father's death Gopal had an awful life concerning about his retired father's ill. Also he was constantly forced by his father to get a rank in AIEEE and JEE so that he could become an engineer thereby securing their life. Gopal failed in the first attempt and had decided to join a local college atleast to secure a degree. But he was forced by his father to repeat entrance going to Kota - a city in Rajasthan famous for universities which quitely assured to produce engineers! Gopal is quite a brave person who agreed to live as paying guest in a room, which earlier belonged to a student who committed suicide. Early months in Kota saw improvement in his scores, though the middle of his Kota life witnessed a disastrous deteriorated scores, the main reason being his best friend Aarti who informed him that she was with Raghav. Gopal drained with emotion and developing friendship with a drunkard JEE-quitter whom he met at Kota had his first liquor with him! At the final phase of Kota series he recovered and worked hard, sleepless, but couldn't make it to NIT the second time. The news devastated his ill father who poured all his savings for his son's education. Being a farmer's son and having undying feelings for his share of farmland he was no way ready to accept the money offered by his elder brother Ghanasyam against the land. Gopal's father died days after his result that earned the him his father's debt! Later with the help of his well wisher Sunil, he met MLA Raman Lal Shukla for the first time changing an innocent lad unaware of corruption to an ambitious man, corrupt and manipulative.

    Gopal's life changer was never Shukla ji. He was a medium that lead the former's feelings for Aarti to act for money!. Gopal always blamed his financial condition which stood as the biggest obstacle hindered his and Aarti's love story. This is somewhere barely justified when Aarti makes love with him twice, cheating Raghav! First time when Raghav was busy with his Revolution 2020, having no time for her and the second when Shukla ji's men almost collapsed Raghav's new R2020 office following his first circulation. Raghav having no time for her is more justified although. She considered Gopal as her best friend and may had sympathy for him being poor. The daughter of District Magistrate was nowhere a studious one and she got attracted to Raghav's wit and never to his rank. But somewhere in her heart she had feelings for her Gopi (Gopal) that made her making love with him! Aarti's feelings for Gopal becomes evident on her
    not giving up contacting him even after his proposal, his attempt to kiss her, or the other time when he calls her a slut!

    Aarti was finally sorted out with her mind game after she cheated on Raghav where she decided to be with Gopal- now a big man!. But life again bounced its game. An excited Gopal who went to Raghav's office for disclosing his affair with Aarti encountered with a poor family and realises the folly of money, power and his mistakes!. He with a broken heart withdrew his decision to disclose the affair to Raghav and determined to unite Raghav and Aarti. With the help of Shukla ji, a generous Gopal managed to have two prostitutes on his birthday so that Aarti would see him with them in his bedroom. He even requested the Dainik officials to take back Raghav without mentioning his name. Aarti's Gopi finally made a revolution in his life uniting his childhood friends and still mourns if he was ever good !

    That's about life that teaches us the value of being with goodness, or probably the value of best choice that leads to the betterment of all! Life goes like that!, making us brave enough to sacrifice, be generous, be happy even with a broken heart.
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