• favykenna 6w


    Sometimes the best thing to do isn't to:

    Dust yourself,
    Act like nothing happened,
    Fake a smile
    And move on
    "Like Nothing Happened"

    But even after this the past still comes to hunt us.

    Sometimes the best thing to do is to click on pause,
    Take your time,
    (But not too much)
    No rush,

    And mourn,

    Over it.

    (And you know you'll be lying to yourself if you claim to have moved on.)

    Then that pain,
    That void
    That past,
    Would be a struggle to leave, forget or fill.
    Because you didn't take time, to bury that shit down,
    To take it out from your memories,
    You tried to block it out,
    But don't block it out

    Let it go by itself
    Cuz that's the best thing to do