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    Stay real to yourself stay on what you thought is good for you . Trust yourself . Stay loyal to your time it is priceless !

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    •Think about what you want to do clearly
    •Stay dedicated to your thing(career,love life,work)
    •Do what you like to do and have good scope
    •Make your schedule and follow it
    •Be stubborn
    •You will face many problems but believe yourself and keep going !
    •Do according to your schedule and every day do something apart from this which will let you enjoy doing this (every day try something good and new to you)
    •Day by day little by little improve mistakes you making
    •No one can stop you yes you will do it !
    •Believe you have potential to do it and just do it in a good way and in the end you will get results of all your efforts and you will be satisfied
    •Take a note at the end of the day (what is done for that day and what is left to be complete)
    •Keep going you doing good