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    We are trying not just to survive but to give another chance to life, to love, to ourselves. And it hurts when everytime we put our hope onto someone they disappoint us. They want to come into our lives just to consume our love and everything and as they get those holes in their hearts filled, they leave. Not just leave but leave with our pieces.

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    Slow claps

    Congratulations to you
    You played so well
    You saved your heart
    And showed me hell
    Made me fall
    You laughed at my hurt
    I survived somehow
    Now just cleaning off dirt
    I wanted to save yours
    But You killed my dreams
    The noisy cheers that you hear
    Comes as my soul screams
    I loved you, you fool
    You are the reason that I'm crying
    I know I will survive
    It's hard but I'm trying.

    -Aditi Sharma
    (Love doesn't want me I guess)