• monnie 31w


    To be a mother is no easy task,
    To raise a respectable person,
    She took too many sleepless nights,
    She had a choice by the way,
    To keep you or let you go,
    But she took up the challenge,
    The nine months in her total dependency,
    Some of those nights and days were no crystal stair,
    But she had already accepted the responsibility,
    A mother's love is pure I believe,
    Even when she gets tough,
    She has your best interests at heart always,
    I laugh and cry at some memories being young,
    Sometimes I was stupid and reckless,
    I still am at times,
    Little disappointments here and there to be expected,
    But never once could she have the strength to let go,
    Because no matter how old you grow she will care,
    She'd do all to make ends meet to see you smile,
    For you to get a good life,
    Never despise her,
    Because all she did is to love you unconditionally.