• srayosihazra 10w

    In Christ nothing is impossible
    But to reach to that impossibility one must believe in his existence,His Word,His Forgiveness,His Fire,His Resurrection and his being .

    We may spend our entire lives preaching,teaching,motivating and counselling people to make people known the only Living God, Jesus BUT if our actions,attitude,impulse,lifestyle and presentabilty fails it causes immense hindrances. Often we will find in our way while knowing the unknown people looking into our lives to search whether or not we are living the Truth.
    One must follow every word one speaks, I am no great personality to tell any of you so but I'm trying hard myself to.
    In the walk of Christianity till now I not only found myself changing for the better but I can now look into my loopholes, weakness , points of shallowness, undesirability and wrongdoings. I am in the process of changing myself for God's purpose ,so that He may equipe me for His Kingdom cause and May I be able to fulfill for what my Birth was for.
    ----- Srayosi