• fallen_42 24w

    Excerpt from the book I will never write(#5)
    Favourite song

    It is a long summer afternoon. I just lay down on my bed with anxiety running in my veins. I can feel my heart racing trying to break the barriers this rib cage provides. I place a hand over my chest just to feel my heart. I stop my breathing to see if this rebellion inside my chest stops or not. And it doesn't. Just like my thoughts. I play a random playlist on my phone and close my eyes. More than the songs, I hear the words of all the what ifs and possible disasters inside my mind. And then suddenly "Hey Jude" starts playing. It is my sister's favourite song. I remember her saying how this song helped her get through the struggles. I remember the pain in her eyes and the smile on her face. I listen to the song and it feels like she is sitting just by my side. Maybe today more than her voice, I need her favourite song seep deep into my bones, sanctifying my body of all the fears. Her love, her presence reaching me from miles away without any communication. Love does speak after all. Her favourite song, my healer.
    Isn't it wonderful how our loved ones leave their traces in smallest of things, we can never forget. The way they smile, how slow they eat, they way they walk, the way they react on seeing a puppy, the way they say hello, their favourite shop, their favourite book. And a sweet serving of their heart as their favourite song