• vernali19 30w

    She is a rape victim, she isn't impure

    Just for an instance
    Think that
    If Asifa were alive
    If those rapists wouldn't have killed her
    If somehow she survived
    The society would have accepted her?
    Because she would not have been a virgin anymore
    Not just Asifa, if Nirbhaya, Zainab or any other rape victim would have been alive....our So called society would have never accepted them.
    They would have been tagged characterless
    They would have been tagged impure
    And ultimately out of frustration and grief
    They would have committed suicide

    Our so called society teaches us that rape victims shouldn't survive...And if they do...they won't be accepted in the society
    Our society doesn't say that....but actions speak louder than words

    We live in a country
    Where religion matters more than humanity
    Name matters more than justice