• deeptikhanna 10w

    You are magical

    The magic doesn't seize,
    as they unfurl the beauty of their tiny wings.
    As the butterflies fly around
    spreading ecstasy of spring,
    they distribute the colors of delight in the air.

    The young saplings
    clap around as they seize them in their fist.
    After feeling the softness of their wings.
    They unbound then in the air,
    to let them swing.

    The magical being,
    sprinkle their beauty in the air
    with the wind walk, as they climb the stairs of evergreen.
    They mine the sweetness of florets around,
    and sink in the love of two green.

    An angel of love,
    disguised in the artistry of wings.
    As they intake , flavours of honey
    every eye capture the sweetest taste of
    the magical charm of vermin of content.