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    These are some of the best dialogues I've heard. Originally these were depicted by the great writer and TFI director Trivikram sir. #dialogue_wt #telugu #trivikramsrinivas @writerstolli @a_sanam

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    1. Dialogue: Nijam cheppakapovadam abaddam. Ah abaddanni nijam cheyyali anukovadam mosam.
    Translation : Not revealing the truth is considered as lie. But trying to make that lie as a truth is bluffing.
    2. Dialogue : Oka manishini Manam preminchinappudu vallu chese tappulani kuda manam kshaminchagalagali.
    Translation: When you love someone, you should be able to excuse their mistakes too.
    3. Dialogue : Pani chesi jeetam adagachu. Appichi vaddi adagachu. Kani help chesi matram thanks adagakudadu.
    Translation : We can ask for wages after doing the work. We can ask the interest after giving loan. But we should not look for anything while we help others.
    4. Dialogue : Karanam leni kopam, badhyata leni yavvanam, gnapakalu leni vruddapyam anavasaram.
    Translation : Reasonless anger, responsibility less juvenile, old age without making memories are useless.
    5. Dialogue: Sampadinchadam cheta kani vadiki karchu pette arhata ledu.
    Translation : The one who doesn't know how to earn money,has no right to spend it lavishly.