• for_the_love_of_lore 46w

    If you were here with me
    we would sit at the floor
    near the balcony
    water droplets filling the air
    like love in and out us
    making us
    after the rain
    love in us: in our thoughts, heart and soul
    love, out us: in our touches, glances, in our sound and eyes
    When we touch
    love is left sprinkled a little
    How touching water leaves the touch there forever
    When light bursts through a canopy
    we see in golden streams
    the galaxy of dust
    Unknowing their shape or exact size
    We know the simplest they say
    They say we too are filled with a dust
    the dust of love is both milk and medicine
    The dust is mixed with blood
    each time it is sent
    to reach all the body
    for wherever it doesn't
    Our bodies certainly have love filled
    the way stars fill the sky
    Or how do my fingers send love back
    when with my eyes shut and you quiet
    your fingers touch mine ?