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    Hi guys, this is something which I am writing for the ones who need self motivation��

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    Loneliness, Love failure, failures

    Todays generation faces many problems some main troubles are....

    Love failures

    There is solution for every problems
    We are deciding our lifes and decisions
    So the best way to solve a problem of your life is to find it yourself

    If you are a lonely person...
    Just try to mingle and communicate more with others and make frndships
    Friendship is the best medicine for lonely people

    If you had failures in your life...
    Never feel disappointed
    Becoz as the famous writers says..
    "Failures are the stone to success"
    A person who fails and then succeeds in life
    Will never again feel the pain of failure
    But just think the opposite a person who succeeds everywhere and everytime in his life
    And when he fails at a point of his life it will be a heartbreak moment for that person
    So just enjoy all your failures
    Fall and get up its always for the best

    Love failures often take more time to heal....
    As we all know when we try to forget someone or something what we usually do is we will try not to remember of that person or thing
    Instead try to remember everything about it
    And ask questions to yourself
    Why he/she left?
    What made them do this?.......
    May be they won't give the answer if we ask this to them
    But the truth is our innermind knows the answer well than them
    So answer all the questions by yourself and finally make a conclusion
    That will be the answer for your questions
    And when someone leaves us don't think of their negatives or unlove or hate them
    Instead think of their positives...
    "The best moments they had given you"
    Love is something crystal clear which has a purity of itself
    Remember not everyone and everything stays forever it will be also for some period of time
    Then why should you sit and weep
    Just pray for their happiness if you loved him/her sincerely
    And thus your heart will be proud of yourself
    Love in its purest form is "Sacrifice"
    Our life has to go on....
    Make yourself happy and move on