• poemformylove 10w

    Im sorry.
    I should have chose you.
    I don’t go a day without thinking of what could’ve been.
    Im going crazy, knowing you have to pick up pieces of yourself that shattered because of me.
    This was never my intention.
    This was never how it was suppose to end.

    I promised to come back,
    I promised to dance you at 2 am in our kitchen when everybody’s asleep and the only light that is touching our skin is the moon’s gentle gleam.

    All the promises, all the sacrifices, all the heartaches we bore vanished in existence, on the day i told you that im choosing her.

    That im choosing her because she needed me more.
    That im choosing her because i need to take care of her.

    But, you needed me too, didn’t you?
    And i needed you.

    I need you.

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