• ayieko_jakoyo 9w

    He Feels Expensive

    I ride in the muddy roads
    Contemplating on the pandemic chaos
    A car drove brutishly
    Leaving my only shirt muddy
    Ofcos the fear of being stopped
    Probably belongs to classmate
    We were same back then
    And what makes him
    Feel expensive

    Our differences maybe
    I think the possession of cars does
    Because bicycles and cars are different
    You see cars have four wheels
    And bicycles have two wheels
    A car you fuel,
    Do we fuel bicycles?
    And do a bicycle wash exist?
    So we cant really be same
    For riding is never fame

    Maybe education does
    Actually it does
    If he can talk series of English words
    And the only English words I know
    Are pain and hunger
    It is not funny anyway
    I am hungry

    Remember he is the governor
    And he is the estate owner
    And am here thinking we are same
    I who's pride is being the only man-
    The only man with two wives
    And proud head of nyumba kumi.

    ┬ęPoet Edith
    May, 2020