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    This is much longer than the first parts but please be patient in reading it. Don't forget to read the first parts of Realized. Just a reminder that this is a continuation so please read the first parts to understand it more clearly. Thank you.

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    Realized (part 7)

    One month, two weeks and three days have passed since we started dating. And today is a very special day to the both of us, specially for you. It's your birthday. This morning, I told you to meet me in OUR place. I prepared a special gift for you and was so excited to give it to you. I was wishing and hoping that you would like it since it's your favorite after all. After classes, I stayed behind to avoid seeing you cause it will spoil my surprise. After an hour, I rode the bus with a smile on my face. I can't wait to see the surprise look on your face when you recieve my gift. With my excitement still over flowing, I unintentionally looked out the bus window. What I saw outside the bus made my smile dissapear. Three seconds. It only lasted three seconds until the bus passed by. I clutched my chest because of the sudden pain and heaviness I felt in there. I breath slowly to try and control the pain I was feeling but the pain won't go away. And it freaking hurts.