• 0kalon 34w

    Hey am here..
    I miss you too��
    Well I was sitting in my baranda and then with this amazing weather��i wrote this��
    Hope you like it.����
    Ps.ignore all my mistakes if there is!

    Yeah this one is not black lol

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    Have you ever heard the sound of the wind?
    Do you know what they say?
    They say
    they will be with you
    No matter how alone you are.!
    They will always make you smile
    No matter how hurt you are.!
    They will listen to your heart
    Even when you don't.!
    They will take away all your misery and pain
    If you allow them to..
    They will make you feel infinite
    When there is nothing left in you
    So do what I always do
    Open you wings
    And fly with them
    See the horizon with me.