• tabz35 5w

    A lifeless body
    Slumped over against the wall
    They can't bare to be awake
    So away from life they crawl
    Escaping all the pain
    With the drugs and the drink
    Blocking out the world
    So they never have to think
    The come downs too great
    Too hard they will hit the ground
    The real person inside
    desperately wanting to be found
    But at the same time
    They want to disappear into a hole
    They've given up on themselves
    Have no purpose
    lost all goals
    It's so sad to see
    People so lost in themselves
    Just an empty shell
    Trapped in their prison of hell
    I wish I could help
    For their to be something I could do
    I want you to know
    I always think about you
    When I pass you by
    You tug at my heart
    It could happen to anyone
    Nothing sets us apart