• salixx 6w


    A man with great skill,
    An expert at breaking me.
    All the many years i spent bringing up high walls.
    In just an instant, down he brought them all

    There was no need for his hands.
    His jinx were his eyes.
    A stare shuts down all my head's hard work.
    The story of how i fell as hard as rock.

    A man with great skill.
    A skill only i well knew of.
    Frozen in time against my will;
    Taken sky high like dusts blown off.

    Each passing day in every week,
    I became even more vulnerable and very weak.
    For all my senses knew was him.
    Even i became him, and i felt he was me.

    The truth is yet to be known
    Of what we really were, this man and I.
    When he'd look at me and let me in through his eyes,
    To see if my London at one point had fallen.