• missguided 5w

    When I think about how things will play out.
    I dont see us making it.
    For some reason cant help but to doubt,
    I know you dont give a shit.

    I was in denial for a very long time,
    Somehow you made me believe,
    Dont know how or even why,
    I was convinced that you loved me

    You fooled me once,twice,three times,
    Never expected this from you,
    still I forgave you for your lies,
    I let go of the shit you'd do.

    You've blamed me for your wrong doings,
    Just so you could feel better,
    Arguments with you I'm always losing,
    For you to be happy its whatever.

    Do you know how bad I really feel,
    Knowing you'll never be mine,
    Knowing your love isn't real,
    Doesn't matter how hard i try.

    I know I'm not the only one,
    I pretend it doesn't hurt,
    Seeing how to you this is just fun,
    That only makes it worse.

    I'd do anything to have your whole heart,
    But you seem to not have one,
    Instead of trying to do my part,
    I shoulda just let it be done,

    Instead I stick around and wait for you,
    Hoping oneday you'll change,
    You still havnt,but it's nothing knew,
    I put myself through this pain.

    I try to understand the person you are,
    Truth is I dnt know that person,
    Cant see how I let it get this far,
    It took awhile,but I'm learnin.

    People warned me this would happen,
    But I refused to believe,
    Now I'm hurt while your laughin,
    Guess it took this for me to see,

    You never really loved me,
    It sucks to finally realize,
    Even though I gave my everything,
    You'll never open your eyes.

    I loved you with all my heart,
    I did my best to show,
    I think we are better apart,
    So I have to let you go.

    Even though I want you,
    You'll never see the truth,
    It's the hardest thing to go through,
    But it's something I have to do,

    Just know that I tried my best,
    I loved you in everyway,
    It's hard to get this off my chest,
    This hurts me everyday,

    It's best to let you go,
    I wnt let you hurt me anymore,
    But someday you'll know,
    You lost a good girl over a whore,

    And once you realize,you'll regret,
    But it will be too late,
    Cause by then I will forget,
    And my love for you will turn to hate,

    I'm sorry but goodbye,
    There's nothing left to do,
    I can say atleast i tried
    I'll never be good enough for you.