• abhi 50w

    The Moon

    You hold a special place in my heart
    And the reasons are numerous
    Those days when my heart would bleed
    You would be my ultimate solace

    When my days would long to meet the night
    And to gaze up to the sky from my glass
    You would appear with that gestured facade
    As I would ask you to reveal the clandestine
    Of his undisclosed life and i would think how blessed you are

    To be able to glimpse him ,Cos I wanted nothing
    But to be able to feel his warmth
    As we shared countless tales, tales of pain
    Tales of despair & tales of remorse
    And you would console me and let me sob on to your
    Shoulder as long as the night

    Where all my tears of dark would sink in to you
    And i would slumber endlessly
    You my companion when i now hold his hand
    And relive the reminiscences
    As I look at you, i give away the shy smile
    And you wink at me with that grin.

    @ adiba