• ravenelle 10w

    Garden Of Lies

    Garden Of Lies
    Kissed by black lace and blood red lipstick i reached without hesitation for my cloak,
    The clock strikes midnight and i smile with anticipation for i am a restless wanderer when the moon calls for me,
    I am his dark hearted mistress and his lunar charms lead me to his garden where i believed i was free,
    I light my candle and follow his seductive whispers as i can feel him beckoning,
    Ghosts are frantically pulling at me and i know that i will join them once i finally take the leap,but what is bravery?
    The leaves crackle and cackle like laughing witches as the forest closes in like it is starving and needs to consume relentlessly,
    I look for you and you just hover so freely above my head and i feel the rain falling as your tears sense my tragedy,
    The staccato of my breathing causes the shifting of the nights beauty to release only ice and sorrow,
    The wolves cries tell me that summer will never again be in any of my tomorrows,
    I see now the huge gates that are greeting me with a melancholic warning but they will not refuse my entry,
    I finally see the vast array of snow white roses that my silent lover had grown for me,
    I look to the sky and the ocean of stars that plead for this dark mistress to turn and run away,
    Allow herself to let the wind carry her and again be nurtured by the light of day,
    I walk through the roses each one mocking me with the colourless innocence that i once long ago knew but is now a distant memory,
    I need them to feel the truth that the world outside this garden is rife with hate and endless pain,
    That this dark mistress felt her heart die long ago when the violence was bestowed upon the purest souls and it drove her insane,
    How dare he plant these lies and mock me with such cruelty and oh how he betrayed me but never again!
    I kneel before you and i run my fingers through the dirt that bares the ugly truth under such perfection ,
    The thorns that lead to what you would vehemently deny was misdirection,
    I reach for my knife and i cry with such rage that even the nights children hide from what is yet to unfold,
    I will force this garden of secrets and false hope to finally allow the truth to be told,
    I cut deep and my throat feeds the petals the colours of the reality that they had never before known,
    My final crimson dance to cover your deceit with all of the worlds violent truth , you had left them suffering and to die all alone.
    Elle xx