• raghavendran 5w

      Joy of Sharing

    Joy of Sharing
    (A poem for children)

    Mommy cat asked the baby cat
    “My dear, Are you afraid of the rat?
    Look! It’s peeping from the hole
    To eat the cheese in the bowl”;

    Baby cat spoke in a voice low,
    “Mommy, Is the rat our foe?
    Will it eat me if I go near
    Or make me a friend dear?”

    Mommy cat smiled and said,
    “If you share your bread
    Or your toys to play lend,
    He’ll always be your friend”

    Baby cat ran to the hole
    With a piece of Swiss roll,
    Both the cat and the rat
    Ate together on the mat;

    If you share with others,
    They’ll be like brothers;
    All to you will be nice
    And God will make you wise.

    Raghav R