• lilly_15 5w

    I just love you
    No matter
    What you are
    Where you are
    How you are
    I simply love you
    My love towards you is being multiplied thousand times more and more
    Each and every second my love on you is being increasing incredibly
    I am simply loving you
    I don't know why
    But I'm simply going crazy about you
    I don't need a lover because you already love me as that
    I don't need another person
    One real person is enough and that's you
    I will never think of letting you go away from me
    If that happens I'll lose everything I have
    The one and only best thing that ever happened to me is you
    I feel like having you beside me but it's like a day dream
    I don't know if that would happen or I think I would have to wait for a few more days for the dream to come true
    If that happens it would be a heaven to me
    U owe me a hug
    Luving you to the square of infinity
    To my lovable loving loved best friend
    Remember there is a heart always wanting your love