• robwjeter 6w

    I just wanted to say that I plan on being around for a long time. This is just what I want read at my passing. Soon to be put in my will.

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    A Life, Truly Lived ( A Self Eulogy )

    A man with many hats.
    And those hats never changed who
    he was.
    A lover of life, he tried so hard.
    To improve himself,
    to be an ear for the broken,
    to take the occasional risk.
    A friend to many,
    misunderstood by many.
    A life, truly lived.
    The embrace of spirituality held him
    in her arms when he was lonely.
    A whirlwind of emotions encompassed
    him with many, many faucets.
    So freeing.
    Yet, so difficult.
    Now, on to the next phase, whatever that
    may be.
    Looking forward to a possible heaven.
    Or, just maybe, some are right, and
    we get another life.
    Whatever, it is, the spirit continues.
    Left behind for the world are
    millions of words.
    Words that were left from this journey.
    The joys,
    the sorrows,
    the stories,
    the bits of wisdom.
    It's my wish for the remaining
    to remember to love.
    To spend some time outdoors with nature.
    Look around at the beauty.
    Listen to the sounds of peace.
    This spirit has moved on to
    better things.
    An ending here.
    A beginning in freedom.