• littlemindlessmagic 10w

    the death of one person is a tragedy.
    the death of ten million people is a statistic.
    one german in a crowd did not perform the
    nazi salute.
    family torn apart
    for falling in love.
    suffered their own fates.
    august landmesser thought it would help him with employment.
    if he joined the race of extremists.
    after all, he had a family to support.
    but this spelled eventual doom for the family.
    once the government issued an edict in secret:
    'in the case of 'rassenschande' between a german male and a Jewish female, she is to be taken into protective custody immediately after legal proceedings have been completed."
    it was code for oppression.
    prison Camps
    labor in arms.
    years went by,
    conditions deteriorated.
    transferred to death camps.
    for resistance.
    a family was never reunited.
    a father reported missing and presumed dead in a chilly november.
    a daughter held hope of his return.
    a jew subject to wearing a yellow star at all times.
    physical abuses
    foster families
    orphan sent to camps.
    the unofficially renamed
    the only survivor
    no idea where his wife had gone.
    the man who refused to salute the fuhrer for his love
    lost the same thing
    because he screamed
    the strongest resistance
    In silence.

    ( a blackout poem from an article)

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