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    What it's like to be an introvert? I hope a lot of you can relate to this.
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    A Letter to an Introvert

    Dear Introvert,

    How are you? No, I'm not asking this out of formality. But because I know how it feels to be the way you are. Believe me I'm on the same boat.
    I understand how it feels when people try to get you out of your comfort zone. They tell you to be more social and less arrogant. And then you try to do what they say, but then you fail everytime. You gather up all the courage and when the moment comes, your heart starts pounding faster and faster. Your palm gets all sweaty, your whole body gets hot and your face turns all red. You can't do anything but feel the embarrassment. It becomes even more challenging to have a social interaction. And the terrible feeling never gets over. You feel bad because you failed once again. You go back to your zone and get settled and keep thinking about the same episode. You start making scenarios in your mind about what could have happened if you'd have shown a little bit more of a nerve. But then, that little imagination of yours, where everything goes perfectly fine, makes you feel better. You get back your energy and your mind becomes fresh again.
    So, I just wanna tell you that you are amazing. You don't need to feel awful about not being able to talk to everyone. It's alright if you like having a very few friends. At least your friends can trust you with their secrets. There's no shame in being an introvert. Go live your life the way you want to and let your imaginations traverse everything that makes you happy.

    Yours Truly,
    A fellow introvert