• chasmisvsr 9w

    So strip me off of my skin
    bleed me dry, tuck me in
    cause I hate the way I miss you, in between choked sobs in daily showers and breathy complaints over speed dial
    it's so unconventional, can't we just rewind?
    cause baby I'm not really superstitious
    but I still wish for you and I on every forwarding status, on
    every star that's unlucky to fall
    amongst this shallow crowd...
    and maybe not now, maybe never
    it's better this way, anyway
    I hate it when my heart races
    every time you knock on my doorstep
    with a notification bell...
    so please strip me off of my conscience
    cause I still wanna hear the sound of your voice in my ears
    I wonder when I'll settle into indifference
    like you, it's just never quite the same...oh
    how I fooled myself
    into thinking that we would be different
    than others, our castle only crumbled
    and all the bells rang in shame
    the walls had witnessed such a mess
    that the doors refused to ever let you and me
    in again..all the murmers in the common
    hall of hell, they keep me chained and awake
    as they still remind me of my mistakes
    my tears are dry and don't worry
    I'm not sad, I'm just lonely, tonight...