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    True form of love sometimes emit the biggest betrayal turn arounds. Please make sure to love crazily, truly and faithfully and not like faking and deceiving. Love you ��������

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    It wasn't a big deal for you to confess
    that I was not for whom you were restless
    you were not in love with me
    then why didn't you set my heart free.

    I couldn't resist myself feeling for you
    ignoring me was an easy task for you
    why your love for me lost somewhere away
    I missed the old innocence in your eyes that day.

    I know you had found someone better than me
    you left my hopes in me like a dead tree
    bring back the trust I had in love
    or tell a story to forget those stuffs.

    Yes, I'm absolutely fine without you
    assuming the fact that it was you who weren't true
    Betrayal, it was a pure betrayal from your side
    that stone heart in you can turn love into a fight.

    Somewhere in your life you would get to know
    it is hard to love and let things easily go
    your fake love will be there to give you reward
    you too will see the betrayal done by god.