• rustiee 24w

    I would not....never !

    Even if I could
    I just would not
    Take this pain of loosing you !
    This painful atrocity....out of this chest of mine !

    How may I forget all those laughs
    All those fingers of yours entwined in between those of mine
    All those smiles & all those giggles of yours
    How may I just forget !
    How can I just forget, that 'you', calling 'my' name with that medlious sweet voice of yours
    That 'you' dancing all over my head, running all over...driving me crazy
    & That 'you' I fell so in love with
    That 'you' just got imprinted in myself
    That 'you I fell so in love with !
    How may I ever forget !
    & I won't even forget all those scars too
    That I've had got in your name
    & Those palms treating them with healing lotions
    Those roseberry lips, & that love potion !
    I would never forget !!

    Even if I could
    I never would
    Get you outta this chest of mine !
    For you're the colour my arteries are all painted with
    Without you, it's just an useless dime !