• rashi100108 10w

    A silent prayer

    O dear lord
    I haven't seen you
    But they tell me you are there
    Often I ask too much from you
    Are u tired of me.? Do you get tired of me.
    Your abstract forms amaze me
    Like why would i bother for a human form .
    Cause that is my kind and i know only that.
    Just tell me O lord how difficult is it when
    People ask and its too much to give
    And they ask nothing and still it becomes too much to give.
    Shortening like deliver us from evil
    Would you then guide me on my path .
    What if I err ?? And still you would let me ..
    Just like a father.
    I will always ask for one thing
    And i know I break norms and regulations
    But what am i to do ..
    What if my one wish
    Goes against all the pillars of the mansion
    Will you punish me ?
    Would it be still wrong if I ask my share for happiness?
    Would i be abandoned by you.?
    They tell me your heart fills the universe and galaxies.
    Even the specks unnamed.
    Would it be wrong if my heart throbs ..?
    They tell me stories of your miracles.
    Just show me miracles exist .
    Show me life is beyond materialistic world
    And tell me there are people who believe this
    Tell me this world will live in my heart
    As the purpose of my existence is still unexplored
    Just be with me
    I pray
    O Great Lord
    I know not praises or hymns
    But i will talk
    If you let me...