• iamnitishthakur 24w

    "Welcome back" to me.
    I am here to get some answers,to my curiosity and to my once numbed soul.
    Thank you.��

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    So,yeah people i am back here.
    Sometimes,roads are chosen to reach till the destinations.
    But,i and my robust soul never dreamt an expectation.
    That's my life.
    Just go with the flow,and taste it's Varied aromas.
    So,i was going with the flow..
    But sometimes paths screams and brings you back.
    To evaluate yourself.
    To think. To take a pause. To take a break.
    To take a breathe.
    To recall some things and the charm of the last road too.
    To relieve. To rechose. To fix. To heal. To help.

    And for many other reasons.

    So,after losing it all..after gaining some somethings.
    After cleaning my closet,i am here once again.
    To meet you lovely people.
    To quench my thirst.
    Cause I am more hungry today.
    I am curious.
    I am thirsty today.
    And i will drink the elixirs.
    Do you have a li'l.?
    Are you kind enough to share a bit of your part.?
    If i am not asking too much.!

    That's all.