• nandiniaryan 9w

    For all the boys who thinks girls a materialistic thing.
    #for every girl

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    Self respect.

    What was her mistake.
    As she was dragged and made her lay on the bed.
    As she was offended and abused in front of the rest.
    Why you didn't felt ashamed to touch her.
    Why you didn't looked at her tears.
    Why you didn't noticed her fear.
    Why for a little satisfaction u made her cry for all her duration.
    As she was someone's sister, someone's mother, someone's wife, and furthermore someone's life.
    Why you destroyed her outside and inside.
    The girl who was the sunshine of her home,
    Who made home delighted by her soul.
    Now feeling extremely wretched..
    As u made her cry for a case behind the rest.
    Now, anyone tell me....
    What was her mistake.... As she was being raped.