• swagat_jena 4w

    A Dragon is Born

    From the fire that consumed me within
    And the ashes of my heart
    A little dragon rose, without it's wings
    But as dark as my heart.
    It fed on my pains
    And it thrived in my fire
    And it grew stronger each day
    Till he started spitting fire.
    His wings grew, large and poweful
    So did his little desire
    He wished to rule the skies
    And engulf the world in fire.
    He shackles disturbed him
    He could not live restrained
    His roar grew louder and louder
    And greater fire rained.
    He wished to rule like I had once
    With power and glory immense
    With every minute that passed
    He grew more intense.
    I went to free him and looked into his eye
    I saw a reflection of myself.
    And as if his eyes spoke to me
    I failed to recognise myself.
    I felt my fire burning again
    To win the world, once and forever.
    Winning the world was far from close
    But closer than it ever was.