• m_not_ur_type 23w

    That day 2

    In that time I'm in joyful mood and too happy. Literally I'm enjoying that weather.But as soon as i turned back my whole expression was changed because the rider of vehicle was starring at me in a weird way. The man was in his middle age with a huge moustache on his face & he was fit and had a angry face and square shaped face like any soldier. so i get terrified and i turned back 360° as quickly as possible.and I'm waiting to the vehicle to cross me.after few seconds when the vehicle just crossed me i saw a beautiful girl sitting behind the man.The girl left her hair open.In the cold wind her hairs were get tangled and coming all over her eyes and all face.she was trying to manage her hairs again and again.Her eyes are big and shining,her face is like a fairy.Her beauty was indescribable.In this whole process she was also looking at me and she gives a smile to me.But i barely understand what was happening in that time.And after she was gone i thought I'm seeing her first and the last time but.....