• akshayabobale 10w


    He waited for the coming summer
    Greeted by spring in February
    He saw her smile in every flower that bloomed
    He saw her dance with the leaves that loomed
    But wait
    It was just a mirage
    Not a miracle
    Was he waiting for miracle?

    As Spring made it's way into the heat of April
    He waited for the rains to arrive
    Greeted by the petrichor of first rains in the June
    Staring at every droplet that kissed his windowpane
    Some kind of lightning struck him
    His crazy heart drove him out of his house
    Every droplet that touched his skin
    He could feel her kissing him..

    And when the earth was all dolled up in it's elegant green dress
    When the downpour was tamed
    And the thunderstorms had returned to their homes
    The winds from the north brought those cold memories back
    When the trees had begun shedding their beloved blades
    When the soil was a collage of red and yellow foliage

    There came a mysterious voice from the past
    Whispering into his ears
    The voice of nostalgia..