• muhammad_edun 23w

    Hidden strength

    Imbedded in her pride
    Were the words of a loser
    Who said she couldn't
    For she were a lady
    What a lover she had
    Who cared only for himself

    When he had nothing she believed in him
    Stood by his side
    Now that he's got something
    He thinks she's a weakling
    What an ingrate he his
    Perhaps he forgot
    All the nights she prayed
    When he was asleep
    And she was up all night
    Just to pray for him

    She wouldn't suffer in vain
    Nor let her tears drip for a loser
    Who sees no good in her
    But as his pleasure pleaser
    For he chose to only see the teaser
    She showed the world her strength
    Did she just stun the world?
    How could a weakling do such?
    For he saw her strength
    He said "that's my woman"
    Perhaps he meant weakling