• arborvitae 5w

    There is a sudden impact by the way one meets someone and I don’t know enough about mystical geography to say that unicorns can show this occasional behaviour of socializing in a crowd but sure when I saw her,

    she was surrounded by intense artwork and that’s supposedly enough to make her the niche essential for unicorns to feel home or to at least come out in sight, so find her where the wild beings are.

    If I knew what she was thinking and I know I can’t reach that far that she let, go of some sparkly smiles far from the madness that falls around me.

    So maybe just as being the last unicorn she does not fit in the arms of gracefulness, though clumsy but I’ve never seen free beings sorry for themselves.

    I have seen her move through the crowd so softly as if she was given the knowledge of collecting the morning dew before they evaporate, she is young as fireworks cause that’s how long I saw her before she vanished or I got lost with the look of sky in my eyes.

    She looked like she has been stuck in a month of Sundays long enough to forget what Monday morning feels like and I’ll wait for her year to end right.

    She lives in a love photograph and lets a paperweight to be kept over her, I have seen papers blown away in thrill by the wind and later are found wrinkled, it’s just that she knows chasing setting suns is easier then following a plane catching the dark, so she holds a love so old that sets her in transit against her generation,

    she knows where the light switch is and I have never been so lost in the blind dark.


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