• amishafathimakabeer 9w

    "Are you scared?"
    "This is our first time!"said Raveen
    "I love you"priya chanted,rubbing his beard.
    "Are you sure?Should we do this now?"
    "Do you really love me?"
    "Can i trust you"?
    "Why?"Raveen asked with furrowed brows.
    "No,its not like that!I really trust you Raveen but promise that you wont leave me after this !"
    "Close your eyes." said raveen kissing her forhead.
    clutching her towards his warm body,his lips went close to her ears.

    "Do you know how much i love you?Do You know how my heart beats everytime when i see you?Do you know the sensation of that electric shock my veins prouduces when i look into your eyes? Your eyes...Your eyes are dandelions on scorpions tail, that i would starve to stare at every moment of ours.
    Do you know the kind of flame that burns down my heart when i'm not able to see you?Do you know how mad i go when you are faraway from me?Do you even know about the days where i would just did sit at the top of buldings and scream out your name,so alound that the departed moon would returns back from the dark clouds?"

    I'm not here to eat you up or to cheat and spoil you but to tightly grip you to my heart and tell the world that you are the one amongst the Van Gogh's sunflowers.
    I wonder how woudl I survive without you?I wonder how my life would have been without you?Trust me when i say this you are the most beautiful creature God created and i love you.

    'Looking straight away into his eyes she kissed him firmly.'

    "Kiss me on my beard!" He smiled

    Holding his face,she whiffed his beard and her fingers scratched them.
    'The next kiss was more passionate.'

    They were creating unforgetful moments.