• ushakanakam_ 50w

    2017.....Beautiful year with beautiful memories.

    2017..the year where I gradually learnt to stand strong on my feet, where i learnt that even if the ink lightened my script, i stood up cheering,igniting hope in the darkest nights, I have always been in love with words of inspiration, stories of great victorious people who have showed signs of greatness, even after their hardships and pain....which helped me to forget my troubles for a while....lots of hugs, lots of love.....that kept me going...that elivated my writers pen.2017 helped me to reform, transform into a beautiful person, that I choose to become.....Thank you 2017, for making me a joyful person, for motivating me, for inspiring me, and giving me unforgettable memories. I wish to thank each and every beautiful wonderful person... who have been a part of my motivational journey...Thank you all for ur constant support, love you all