• dr_vivacious 10w

    You don't know how deeply you had an impact on all of us. I don't think I can ever gather words to pay you a tribute.
    You didn't tell larger than life stories but you told stories that could connect with reflection of a common man. Be it a driver in Piku or a common man in search of answers in Madaari, be it struggles of parents to educate their child in Hindi Medium or an eponymous character of the steeplechase champion-turned-dacoit with forcefulness in Paan Singh Tomar.
    Your moistened eyes; your eyes spoke volumes and your voice resonated in our thoughts! You taught us that less was always more. You could enter in any character depicting many layers and nuances with just few words and expressions.
    You are that actor in Bollywood who's not only a hero, but an artist ! You're an art in yourself. Just by looking at your name in the movies, we were assured that this movie would be great ; you created such an assurance in our hearts with your art. Your honesty and dedication reflected in your work. You helped us learn the power of persistence, you taught us to never give up and once you are sure about doing something, go behind it with full force and all your heart! You taught us to be humble and generous and not get carried away with fame.
    Today , even before completing this; while I'm typing with my blurry eyesight, there isn't someone who everyone would unanimously miss and feel that gaping void with a pit in their chest.
    You lived in our hearts with your characters you played and you left us with your art.
    We have you in your art but you shall be thoroughly missed.
    You're a gem and one of a kind.
    You created your own niche in our lives and even after your death, because that's how you are,
    having a place in our hearts just by being a part through various characters.
    This would take time to sink, just like your stories , or maybe; this shall never sink.
    For you shall be remembered and will always be alive in each one of us
    I hope you are shining brighter than all the stars just like you did in your real life.
    Because that's what you are.
    You were meant to shine and sprinkle your sparkle wherever you go.
    Rest in peace , Sahabzade!! ��

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