• satanopedialogy 9w

    Prince Satanopediaology's bhagvath githa

    MOHINI: Haa...Haaaa...haaaa

    SATAN: Why are you laughing like this? I haven't seen ladies doing this types of things with me, you are not a ordinary woman. Why are you nearing me? I don't like all this. Don't make me lose my coolness.

    SATAN gets tensed and decides to punish the woman but sees that his powers doesn't harm her. SATAN understands that the lady in front of him should be someone greater or equivalent to him in his powers. SATAN uses his powers of GOD and finds that it is none other than NARAYAN himself.

    MOHINI: Sorry SATAN, SATAN doesn't sound nice. I will call you ESHWAR or in short ESH or ESHA.