• firdousiqbal 6w

    Cometh the Autumn
    Cometh the toil womenfolk to endure
    Saddled with wicker baskets
    Huddled under deciduous trees
    Dyed in multiple colour hues
    Denuded by foliage abscission
    Crispy the leaves cracklings make it notice
    Amassing upto the brim overspilling the containers
    Precariously perched on scarf-covered heads
    Delicately supported by carefully woven head rings
    Stumbling in offing but for their dexterity
    Hasty the retreats basket full of labour
    Unending the struggle
    Coal making yet in the roster
    Bonfires galore filled with sputterings
    Plumes of smoke high & wide
    Every one around wrapped with soot
    Piling up with cramped spaces
    Like a Trojan horse
    Prompting the ruin-making winter fires
    Cost-benefit analysis hardly to sway
    Autumn is but for reaping what we sow