• soupism 10w

    I am at your doorstep

    Dear Woman ,

    Never trust a man who says he doesn't lust for your beauty

    Despicable are those who are madly passionate about you but pretend to be your friend

    ME i wear my heart on my sleeves
    I will appear at your door with a bouquet of thr most fragnant and groomed lavender and lily flowers

    Smile at you.
    Tell you my feelings
    My love for you , my passion for you
    My lust for you.

    I will write songs for you.
    I will fetch the cockatoo from the dragons dungeon.
    I will seek you.
    Seeking you in my deepest fears and experiences

    If you think i am brutally honest
    If i wake you up in the middle of night with butterfly in your stomachs and candle flickering by your side.
    If you think no man can ever pursue you like me.

    Then let me into your abode.
    Or else throw a bottle of blank ink and shout at me to leave.

    Thats the kind of love i offer.
    Not the timid inspid and uncharming pursuit others have to offer.