• fragment 5w

    As Above, So Behoove

    I want to talk about cages

    Smitten by the selfish perspectives of our Sages
    We often find ourselves lost in rages
    Fueled by the many vast mazes
    Of wars that we wage as
    Entertainment for the people
    Mindlessly reading books under holy steeples

    Did you remember to take your pills?

    Please remain still.

    Feet on the ground
    Reach for the sky
    Dont ask too many whys

    For its in the lies that we hide
    Unaware of their demise
    I practically cried
    When I tried to surmise
    The extent of these worn out allibies
    Overly protecting
    What one should be easily confessing
    How can anyone side-step detection
    in this web of silenced interjection

    Hold back
    Dont try it
    Keep your skeletons in the closet

    Just another day in the way that we say that
    Everything we hope for is gonna be okay
    And so we pray
    For a different outcome
    On that sacred day

    Partake in holy matrimony
    Or forsake your love as godless and phoney
    Pretend to choose
    Pay your dues
    Ignore the clues
    Praised for the worship of views
    Commonly misused
    Broken and confused
    We lie our souls upon the pews
    Guided by sanctimonious virtues

    Holding in silence that voice that we call Will

    Partake in the battle uphill
    For the right to kill
    Starve the old
    Ignore the ill
    Embrace the chance for a taste of the divine
    In bloodthirsty thrill

    I hope that I didn't step out of line...
    Here, have some blood of Chr-- I mean wine

    Father, Spirit, the Holy Ghost
    It's to all our mothers that I make this toast
    The bodies of those that are condemned the most
    Seemingly ignorant to the power of this life-giving host

    In the name of some deity
    We rape and slaughter
    And claim our posts
    Returning home to our loved ones
    To sit at a table and boast

    Mistrust us
    Keep your eyes up
    And your heads down
    Only God can wear that crown

    And so we sigh with relief
    Expressing comical belief
    Disposing of the tear that we wear as a swear called fear

    Is that fair?

    Who's scared?

    I am, and you are, and so is everyone else

    But that's just my truth

    Can you face yourself?

    © fragment, 2020 ; (Katherine Bernhardt)