• danielcollinsm 10w

    I should have whispered

    Cuddling on the pliable springs of my crib,
    In frost cold and frigid,
    Beneath the glittering nirvana with rosy azure.
    We kissed, you whispered, 
    "I love you, Daniel."
    "You are mine."
    I chuckled in hit, and never spoke a word.

    When you turned around,
    And set your crown on my bosom,
    with arms about my collar, 
    I knew I adored every shard of you,
    But I never spoke a word.

    You drowned in silence to hear my confession,
    Under my arms, you sniffed only lust,
    You marked my eyes in a quest for love,
    Yet, you merely found horror.
    I should have whispered.