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    Touching a girl without her consent doesn't make you a man...It makes you a coward.Being physically harassed is not only the torture but getting eternal scars in our hearts and souls too..The saddest part is that not always one can fight back..The sad reality of the world which needs to be changed pretty soon...
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    Post Tittle- ��"UNWANTED TOUCH"��
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    What is the worst or disgusting feeling
    "a Girl could €xperience in her £ife"??

    A touch that she should always fear..
    A touch that she couldn't ask for..
    A touch she can never tell anyone about..
    A continuous stare she didn't want..
    The comments she gets almost everyday from the roadside strangers..
    That weird look when she gets after asking for sanitary Napkins in a medical store..
    And you know what yes she experienced this touch many times in her life.. Most of the time by her closest people

    -Roli Rastogi
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