• ladyzest 5w

    Poem You are!

    You are my light,
    the water that quenches the anger.
    You settle me when am unsettled,
    you are love at it's purest.
    You love me when am down,
    lift me, when I wear a frown.
    You are patient with me, not rude.
    You are my light in the darkness,
    you pick me up when I feel lost.
    When am empty YOU fill me up.
    Words can not describe your abundant love, it flows like a river...
    and warms my heart.
    You are my light, that never parts.
    You catch me, when am falling. School me when am of track.
    you make my heart beat,
    my soul dance, my heart sing.
    You give me clarity, (transparency),
    your favorite thing.
    your love, and care for me.
    Thank you.

    Cris © 2019

    Dedicate to him. You make my mind spin, my heart sing. You are greatness, greatness is you. Thank you for being YOU.