• joseywhales78 5w

    grade articulated speech

    ever since i was in the fourth grade a head articulate speech would you know man i don't even need to cuss and but you don't even know my fame i'll be motherfucking what excuse my french nigger but i just had to say some shit just to say something just to be or what a little breath but i ain't no punk but i'll be real don't you know i will dump hot tips and hollows all up in your body and you swallow like it was your esophagus trying to motherfucking have tomorrow but i be like damn i'm sorry about that shit no way hold up i thought you weren't going to cuss one bitch don't you want to send this shit you don't understand my lips they be motherfucking moving but you be trying to groove in do you drive with your job right just drive right in your fucking hips job right and just drive right in your butt hips dip perfect moving and sick don't you know how we drink this is real type of shit give the fuck about a bitch this is real fucking shit you ain't bumping and grinding then you ain't part of my click get it real get the real how you feel how you feel is it real is it real is it like a copperfield or up on your shit but i be like david copperfield houdini all up in your face for fucking for real