• blackdove 23w

    She is so stubborn. Why?
    Because she cannot stop loving even after numerous heartbreaks.
    That's who she is.
    She learns nothing from what she goes through! Reason?
    She has this unbound and abundant feeling of endearment for everyone.
    Or maybe she suffers from a love syndrome.
    For the same reason she picks up the same people who kick her from behind.
    She is probably blind in this whole process or maybe she is too good for people.
    She keeps running behind them for no fault of hers! Her feet is bruised.
    Bit by bit she gets crumbled yet she chooses to pull herself together and start all over again.
    From being a victim of lust to being thrown in a pit after usage, oh Heaven!
    Her stories are even darker than black itself.
    She is like water who can merge into any colour or can take any form.
    You can ask her anything, literally anything.
    She will be ready to give all at once.
    How can someone give so much who herself hasn't been given anything ever?
    Or even if given, everything has been taken back brutally with heavy interests!
    With a broken heart inside and a lame soul,
    she is still so divine that her perfectness is beyond the capacity of the world to handle.
    Isn't this pathetic?